Laws of Attraction in Commercial Real Estate Sales and Leasing

Laws of Attraction in Commercial Real Estate Sales and LeasingWorking as a salesperson in commercial real estate sales and leasing, requires a degree of attraction and personal magnetism to attract the business. Let’s call that the law of attraction.

For your market to be attracted to you there has to be certain advantages or elements that you provide. You have to be better than the other agents in the area first and foremost, and the market players need to know that. The more value and uniqueness you bring to the market and its people, the greater the level of attraction.

When you improve your value to the market, you improve your market magnetism. Listings for sales and leasing will come towards you and people will respect what you have to say. Listings will no longer be hard to settle or negotiate. You are then the expert in commercial real estate.

The laws of personal attraction in commercial real estate are created by:

Understanding the market prices and rentals both historically and in today’s terms. Knowing how to find the target market for each property listed and then building a marketing campaign around it. Placing a large number of property signboards on all the quality properties for sale or lease in your area. Providing marketing solutions to your clients that comprehensively gather the right sort of enquiry on every marketing campaign. Having a sizable database that is up to date with qualified prospects looking for property in your area. Speaking to your prospects on a daily basis. Knowing where all the comparable properties are located that impact on market trends and the property you may be listing. Knowing all the major property owners in your area where you can talk to them at any time to discuss market trends and opportunities. Knowing all the major businesses in your area so you can talk to the business leaders and chief executives personally and directly. Knowing how to design a marketing strategy that suits the pressures of the market and the current levels of enquiry. Being known as the best negotiator and having proven to be so through difficult properties and challenges. Referral business should be sought at all times and when any successful transaction has occurred.

The best agents and salespeople are the people that clients want when it comes to selling or leasing property. The above 12 points clearly indicate that property market domination and attraction is achieved through personal hard work and deliberate choice. It is up to you.

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